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The great end of all human industry is the
attainment of happiness. For this were
arts invented, sciences cultivated, laws ordained,
and societies modelled, by the most
profound wisdom of patriots and legislators.
-David Hume


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As president of a homes association, I had the opportunity to publish several essays
 on various neighborhood topics.  These are some of those selections below:

On May Day...Spring 2000

 May Day

Every year I wonder….What ever happened to May Day?    What a great holiday that was for kids and their neighbors!  Not only did you get to use construction paper, glue, scissors (and even staples) but it was a big secret.  In fact, sneakiness was encouraged and praised.   Sometimes, you even got to pick your mom's flowers.

 For those of you who have never celebrated May Day, here's the drill.  First, you target your neighbors, noting when they leave in the morning.  Once you have this covert information, you amass your supplies.   Construction paper, glue, tape and scissors are all ingredients for a successful May 1.  Fold the edges of the construction paper together to form a basket, then attach the handle.  Next you fill the basket - traditionally it's with fresh flowers, but paper ones will do nicely, too.    

 Early on the morning of May 1st - May Day -  you sneak out of the house and hang the basket of flowers on their door knob.  You have to do it early, so they can find it before they leave.  Then you hurry back home.   And you don't tell them who did it! 

It occurs to me that we reinforce a very important lesson when we celebrate May Day.  It's the lesson of giving without expecting anything in return.  The concept of doing something nice for someone else is not one we practice easily, sometimes.  Especially when it is someone you may not know all that well but will surely face again.  Like our neighbors.   I think it's important that we practice some of these niceties.  May Day isn't the only day it can happen.  How much time does it really take to pick a neighbors recycling bin up and place it next to the house on trash day?  Does your neighbor have back problems?  Maybe on the way to work or school, you could place the paper on a ledge by the door. 

 There are many small things we can do to reinforce the pleasant aspects of our neighbor relations.  I challenge each of us to find just one.  Even if it only occurs on May Day.


December 2000...

Call to Volunteer

Throughout my two terms, I have encouraged and dared you to smile, greet and respond to one another.  You've done a sublime job.  This will be the last gauntlet I toss as president.  Volunteer to be there for each other. 

Volunteer to get the mail when your neighbor vacations.
Volunteer to watch the kids while they are at the store.
Volunteer to mow a neighbor's grass.
Volunteer to cut a hedge, rake a lawn, carry trash to the curb.

Offer to serve in one term of office.
Offer to water the plants at the entrance signs for a week.
Offer to weed around the flagpole.
Offer to head a committee in an area of interest or concern.

Resolve to work at the school where needed one day a week.
Resolve to be a block parent.
Resolve to attend one school event next year.
Resolve to attend one homes association meeting each year.

The gift of time is priceless.  It's an inconvenient gift to give, and hard to put a price sticker on.   However, it is one of the most precious gifts or services that you can offer.  Every volunteer job is not about stars and magic wands.  Fairy Godmother roles are few and far between.

But ask anyone who has volunteered, they will be able to think of something they learned, something they took away when it was all said and done.  It may have been a hard truth served up on a rough platter.  It may have been moments of sweetness.  Either way, their lifetime was altered.  Volunteering stretches you toward the horizons of your possibilities.

I encourage us all to stretch toward our possibilities in the coming year.



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