Leesa Whitson    




Curiosity is, in great and generous minds,
the first passion and the last.

-Samuel Johnson


Frequently Asked Questions


Am I going to appear in your next book?

It depends.  Did you tick me off?  Anything is possible! 

Actually, what you DO is more likely to appear in a book in some form
than you are to appear as a character. 

Both, mostly likely, are composites that I've put together in my imagination.  You may notice some characteristics that are familiar, but then again, you may be seeing some other person reflected, not you! 

I do think that the way that some authors auction off the privilege of having your name used as a character is pretty awesome.  If I ever get to that level, I'll certainly consider it!

I will NEVER harpoon my friends in my books.
Now my enemies are another story..... No pun intended.


How long does it take you to write a book?

Well, again, it depends on several factors. 

How long the book is, how much
like pulling teeth it is,
and how much research I have to do. 
Not to mention how far in debt I am.

My personal goal is two books per year, of about 90,000 words, in completed,
 revised "as-perfect-as-its-gonna-get" form. 

Eventually I'd like to make that three books per year, but for right now, I'm starting small.

But, I'm also branching out in my writing to include some
different genres, and that takes time too as I become more familiar with the genres.


Where do you get your ideas?

I don't always know.  Satan comes to mind -that's the answer my friends and family would give! 

Seriously, I've learned that my mind works in ways many other
people's do not.  My brain is always making connections out
of un-connectables, and contrasting things that other people would not think of contrasting. 

 I've sort of given up trying to analyze it,
and tried to enjoy it.  Life's simpler that way, and I'm saner. 

Many times scenes, conversations and plot twists just pop
into my head when I am doing something else, which
accounts for my disjointed conversation skills. 

I hope.


Who are your favorite writers?

There are more talented writers than I could ever list here. 
Sorry.  I tried, but just can't do it!!!!

What do you watch on TV, listen to in music and
read for the fun of it?


I watch:

 three of the Law & Orders (Regular, SVU and Criminal Intent),
Stargate Atlantis,
The Closer,
Without a Trace,
CSI (Las Vegas),
College Football, Baseball, Basketball,
Dirty Jobs,
Big Love,
and Reaper
to name a bunch. 
I'm pretty fond of TV - and particularly of shows
with strong characters who have strong character arcs. 

Musically, I love most everything.  Right now I've been listening a lot to Paul Thorn, Barleyjuice  and Celtic Woman.  I particularly like folk music but listen to whatever my kids are listening to as well, which right now means country, pop, rap, hip hop and classical.

I read voraciously.  Since I went back to work full time, I'm down from 200 or so books per year to more like 75-100.  But I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, mystery and romance, suspense and poetry. See my "What I'm Reading" page for more specifics.

I've just been reading works of fiction, non-fiction, science fiction and study Quaker retrospectives and collections.  It's a pretty diverse selection most of the time. :)


What do you do in your spare time?


Who told you I have spare time? What's that????? 

 Actually I'm pretty involved with my family and their lives/interests.

I also volunteer with Meeting and other groups.

Plus I like to indulge my research interests: 
women in history, lighthouses, history of food, herb & their uses, gardening,
music, needlework, throwing pots.

The list is endless.  I'm very rarely bored.  Tired, yes.  Bored, no. :>)

Besides....there's always laundry!

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