Leesa Whitson    

Canterbury Bells



Gratitude to gratitude always gives birth
 - Sophocles


Acknowledgements of those people I owe thanks to!

First and foremost would be my family for their patience and support. 
Next would be my family for their patience and support,
and third--would be all my writing and non-writing friends for their patience and support!


Morgan Chilson  - for extra-intense boosts of courage and support
Candy Cole - for believing in me and reading and re-reading and re-reading without hiding from me, instead
Nancy J. Parra - for teaching me more than I could ever mention here.
Jade Lee - for continuing boosts of support and the occasional kick in the pants
Cindy Dees - for cracking me up and for reminding me of what smart, kick-ass heroines can be
Mary Penner - for being my friend for gasp! 37 years and for telling me about The Front Porch
Kim Darnell - for being a support and friend and for always having a sense of humor for - yes, again - 37 years!!!!!
Tracy Montoya - for support and for being Tracy and for not thinking I'm insane when I e-mail out of the blue
The members of Midwest Romance Writers

This list will continue to grow and change as I complete specific research projects.